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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Name changes and things that make me happy

So I'm trying to get this blog thing down...I've had the twitter name Brwn_id_grl and this blog under it's original name An Artful Mess for years. So my initial thought was to change the blog name to match my twitter name. Brown Eyed Girl was taken, so I think I'm a baker, let's go with Brown Eyed Baking. Sounds good right? Umm, not so much, my mistake for not doing research first. Oh well, I'm still learning! So here's why I changed the name again. Last night I was reading some blogs I follow and realized that uh oh, there's a Brown Eyed Baker (I knew this already, I don't know why I didn't remember when I was thinking up names). Anyway, Michelle at Brown Eyed Baker has a great blog and web presence (not to mention her fabulous recipes, I've followed her for a long time and made many of her goodies). I mean who can argue with the philosophy of a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand? Not me, sounds EXACTLY like something I would say!!! Which made me think, I really would not want someone to create a name just a few letters different from mine so I wasn't going to do that to anyone else.

So.... I started coming up with names and googling them to make sure they didn't already exist. I'm a creative girl, this shouldn't be hard right? Wrong!!!! Apparently there are lots of other creative people out there too because most everything that I came up with someone else had already thought of and put out there! So then I remembered way back when to my very first ever car - we called it the Go Go Gadet Mobile (that dates me doesn't it!). Anyway, back on topic Mom let me get a custom license plate. I wanted some cute play on my name and most everything was taken. Eventually I came up with 2PlzAmy (thanks DMV lady). So I googled 2PlzAmy today and what do you know many many many years later no one has snagged up that beauty yet, and there you have it a very long explanation of a very short title!

When I was 16, having a car pleased me! Having something to do other than babysit on a Friday night, no longer having to ride the bus, and sharing Godfather's pizza, California Onion dip, and Ben & Jerry's with friends pleased me. Now my tastes are somewhat more refined. So what pleases me now? Seeing my son grow up, celebrating my 20th anniversary, listening to a great sermon, finding a recipe for bread that my whole family can eat, a bundt cake that come out flawlessly, watching my dog chase squirrels away from "her" strawberries, learning from others, laughing with my sister and catching up with friends. Oh and maybe I'm just hungry, but right now a sandwich with my local homemade mozzarella, basil freshly picked from my garden and a fresh juicy tomato all on that perfect crusty bread would really please me! Life is good! There are so many little things that bring joy and make me happy. So what pleases you? What brings a smile to your face and leaves you happy? Leave a comment and share.

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