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Monday, May 19, 2008

What Kind of Flower Are You????

Feeling silly? Too much time on your hands? Want something to blow 'em all away at your next interview? Imagine with me .....

Interviewer: "So if you were a flower.....what kind of flower would you be?"

You: "Funny you should ask, I actually know exactly what kind of flower I am.....I'm a nigella. See I took this quiz that let me know what kind of flower I am. Pretty cool, huh, yeah I found it on-line. So anyway, here's what the website said about nigella, 'Many people think you are just a little bit odd, but you consider yourself just a little eccentric. You find new experiences exciting and fulfilling.' So, I guess I'm a nigella, what's your flower."

Yeah, that will get you the job - if you are applying for head crazy chick! Click on the nigella flower at the top left and find out what kind of flower you are so you can scare away people you don't want to talk to anymore. Damn, you are such a snapdragon! Stop being such an ivy, I'm not a spearmint, I need my space. Watch me walk away lmas!

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