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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TAG: I'm It:7 Random Facts & 12 Great Blogs

So I'm honored to have been tagged by Click on the link to read the nice things she said about me :-) Thanks Lucky Girl!

Well, just in case you're not feeling click happy, she said:

An Artful Mess, unique art masquerading as greeting cards

I'm going to keep it going and give you 7 random facts about me and links to 12 blogs I enjoy. Here goes:

7 Fabulously Random Facts about Moi1. When I was 16 years old my parents hosted a foreign exchange student from France for the summer (Bonjour, Sophie, mon ami!)
2. I prefer to shop rather than iron (This old thing, had it forever!)
3. My bra & panties are always the same color as my outfit (TMI, I know!)
4. My most favorite thing is my solar powered prism rainbow maker. (It makes me smile.)
5. My favorite students are the brilliant troublemakers (Hey guys, you know I love ya, and just what does that say about me!?!)
6. I've always wanted to travel to Egypt and see the pyramids. (Hopefully I'll get there someday!)
7. I work at a YEAR ROUND school - I don't get the summer off (and if one more person tells me to have a good summer or just a few more weeks till your out I'm gonna explode!!!!!!)

12 Great Blogs in Random Order
This was harder - now if it had been 12 great websites, or where you can shop on-line on Saturday and it's in your hands by Friday well then I could have kicked butt! But all these blogs feature artwork or crafty goodness that I find inspiring. Kim makes the COOLEST aprons! Neat crochet jewelry and other goodies Stunning embroidered envelopes Neat collage and screen printing Feed the fetish The coolest pinhole papers Awsome 3-D pop-up cards Dominos repurposed as beautiful art The most beautiful cuffs Trendy totes and notecards Dreamy paintings Felting loveliness

So share the love and tell the world about yourself. TAG, you’re it!



  1. Thanks for the mention and the compliment!

  2. Thanks so much for including me - I'm off to check out these other blogs, too...

  3. thanks so much for listing my blog! i'm very flattered.

  4. Thank you so much for listing my blog too! You are too kind.

  5. Tagged I'm it 3 times in one day. I'm off to New Mexico and will put all my fascinating facts up next week! Have a great holiday!

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