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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More name changes...

Just when I thought that I had finally figured out a name that was yet to be taken on twitter and the blogasphere...

Well I guess the untaken part was true enough, but little did I know (call me naive) how many crazies that name would attract. Apparently 2PlzAmy brought out the lurkers with way too much time on their hands. Maybe this was true back in the day with my old license plate too and I just never caught on to it. Of course back then, in a pre-internet instant commentary world someone would have actually had to say something TO ME DIRECTLY! Oh the horrors!!!

Anyway, my trip down prehistoric memory lane was only to say, time to change the name again. What was ACLDesigns An Artful Mess became Brown Eyed Baker then 2PlzAmy then The Princess the Monkey and the Engineer which I thought might stick around for awhile but um no. So now I'm just going back to An Artful Mess. Don't mess with a classic, I guess :-)

I came up with The Princess the Monkey and the Engineer because well, I'm the princess (I know there was a lot of confusion about that one). We've called my son a monkey since he was born. He even had a collection of stuffed monkeys (yeah, I know) when he was little. So that leaves my husband, THE engineer. With the classic engineer thinking. It was a cute idea while it lasted, but it was a bit to wordy.... So back to where I started.

Life around here is never dull. My darling teenage soon and my husband along with my shadow dog Precious make lots of messes. I make lots of cookies, and muffins, and biscotti. Precious and I love biscotti. Did I mention she thinks she's human? Well that's a whole other story for a different day. I also cook things besides baked goods, but you a girl could live on muffins, ya know :-)


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  1. how weird. My URL is Guess I beat you to it!