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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has had a wonderfully restful Easter filled with love and family and all the chocolate bunnys and peeps you can eat!

Well, I've been a busy girl lately making loads and loads of cards. Tonight (ok most of the afternoon too) I've been sitting at my computer trying to get some of these new cards listed. I've listed several new cards to Etsy and eveb a few to Ebay. I've got a pile more to list and and then I need to bag all of them. I'm going to try to get some listed to DaWanda this week and I even have some new stuff ready to go out to Floral Fashions! Whoa, I have been busy!!!

Guess that's why there are still wet towels in my washer? Well off to do some laundry before bed. Time to start the work week all over again! Why is it so much harder to go back after a 3 day weekend than a plain old weekend????? Oh well! Happy Easter everyone!


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