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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are you a card connosour?

Are you a card connoisseur? When only the very best will do, what exactly are you looking for in a handmade card?

Creative Card Designs (CRCD) Team, a group of my fellow cardmakers are conducting a poll about handmade and/or embellished envelopes. So if you are a handmade card enthusiast and/or buyer, please help me and my fellow cardmakers better meet your expectations and needs, by casting your vote today at the Card Chronicles Blog (

This poll will only be open for a few days, however CRCD frequently conducts polls designed to learn more about what handmade card fans are currently seeking. So if you miss this poll, please check out the site anyway, you never know what you may find!

While, you're online check out my etsy shop, I hope to be listing many new Christmas cards this weekend and throughout the coming week.


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  1. Amy, I love your blog.! It's fun to keep up with you and see what you are doing. I LOVE the strawberry 'sweet' and super cute.!