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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Get a life people ...

Ok, I'm going to gripe here for a second. On Feb 2nd I tried to buy this fabulous looking kit at about 10 AM and it was SOLD OUT. It went on sale at midnight Feb 1st!!!!!! Ok, so the site said it was a record breaking sell out and all, but where did these hundreds of people come from that bought this kit out in less than 24 hours??????
Don't these people have lives??????
Apparently not! Those of us too busy to actually assemble something like this ourselves, are not going to be able to even have the chance to buy the kit and let it collect dust alongside our hordes of other supplies :-). Oh well!
If you know of anything else like this kit please let me know - or some inventive person could make something similiar and assemble it and sell it for lots of $$$$.
So, I had planned to post pictures of the valentine's I made this weekend, but I packaged them up before I remembered I wanted to photograph them. I may make some more though for my personnal use, so I'll try to post those.
I've been working on some sympathy cards. I did these with watercolors so I want them to dry well before I scan or photograph them. Hopefully I can get them up next time. One I really like shows a sunset on the water and a lighthouse - very pretty!!! Then I've added some torn blue vellum with metallic watercolors on the water to give dimension and some gold glitter pen around the light on the lighthouse. Ok, I guess that's too much of a tease, but I will try to put it up tomorrow.
Happy Super Tuesday & Fat Tuesday Everybody!!!!! Enjoy! Amy

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  1. Hi Amy!
    Just wanted to personally welcome you to AVP -- it's great to have you with us!!